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Hawkeye and Hoe Music provides premium live entertainment for your wedding, party, or private event.

We stand out with our unwavering professionalism, tasteful musicality, flexibility, and diverse song repertoire. We perform jazz standards by seminal composers such as Cole Porter and Ira Gershwin, as well as uniquely funky and jazzy renditions of compositions by Stevie Wonder and many other pop artists, and much more. The Louis Pettinelli Jazz Group is available anywhere from 1-6 pieces in various configurations, and is composed of highly trained musical professionals that are at the forefront of their field.

Places we have played include the following: The Water Club at The Borgata (Atlantic City, NJ), The Gansevoort Park Hotel Penthouse Suite (Manhattan, NY), Manhattan Penthouse (Manhattan, NY), Union League of Philadelpha (Philadelphia, PA), Chris' Jazz Cafe (Philadelphia, PA), South Jazz Parlor (Philadelphia, PA), The Homer Building (Washington, DC), Riccardo's By The Bay (Bronx, NY), Smoke Jazz Club (Manhattan, NY), and many more!

My entertainment company, Louis Pettinelli Entertainment, is extremely successful, and has had over 50 confirmed bookings in the last six months. We also have a flawless five star rating, and have pleased every client that has hired us. Choosing Louis Pettinelli Entertainment ensures a premium customer experience.

Possible configurations include:
1) Duo (2 Piece)
Guitar/Upright Bass
Saxophone/Upright Bass
Piano/Upright Bass

2)Trio (3 Piece)
Piano/Drums/Upright Bass
Guitar/Drums/Upright Bass
Saxophone/Piano/Upright Bass
Vocals/Piano/Upright Bass
Guitar/Vocals/Upright Bass
Guitar/Saxophone/Upright Bass

3)Quartet (4 Piece)
Piano/Drums/Upright Bass/Vocals
Piano/Drums/Upright Bass/Saxophone, Trumpet, or Trombone

4) Quintet (5 Piece)
Piano/Drums/Upright Bass/Vocals/Saxophone
Guitar/Drums/Upright Bass/Vocals/Saxophone

And more! As you can see, we are very flexible. As the bandleader, I am willing to sit down with you and create a customized set list of what you would like to hear at your event! Whether it's Lady Gaga, Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder, or Nirvana, we can play it , and more.

Let our affordable rates make your date great! Give me a call or email at any time. Hope to hear from you soon!   

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