>The History of Rock n Roll<


The History of Rock n Roll brings the decades of Rock n Roll to life! Complete with costumes, video, and of course the music that defines each decade – it's more than a concert – it's more than a show - it's an experience.

Bandleader Anders Munch created “History of Rock n Roll” to pay homage to the music he loved – starting with the 50's. “Both of my parents grew up in the 50's” recalls John “we always had 50's music playing in my house. I can remember quite vividly the sounds of Elvis Presley echoing throughout my childhood.”

Combining the “look” of each decade is just as important to this experience as the music. “It's not enough to simply play the songs. Music is the soundtrack to people's lives so what better way to represent each decade than to wear the fashions of each decade that people remember so fondly. It's also a lot of fun!”

History of Rock N Roll features the powerhouse vocal talents of Teri Pavia and Emily McNamara and consists of veteran musicians from the tri-state area's cover and tribute band industry. They are: John M. Pinna on vocals/bass, Constantine Notaridis on guitar/vocals, Chris Cardello on drums, JC Keys on keyboards/vocals, and Nick Gardell on saxophone.

Take a walk down memory lane with The History of Rock n Roll!!.